Audition Requirements

2019-2020 Audition dates and requirements

There will be a $12 non-refundable audition fee at time of registration.

Auditions will be held at Empire High School, 10701 E. Mary Ann Cleveland Way, on the following dates.  You can pick which date is your preference at the time of audition registration:

Students of all ages are welcome and may audition up until their 21st birthday.  Individuals will be placed in ensembles based on ability not age.

*There are 3 parts to the audition, please see requirements below:

Audition Requirements for all instruments (String, Brass, Wind and Percussion):

1.  Students will be required to perform a prepared solo of their choice* demonstrating their best intonation, rhythm, tone and musicality.  Students may play a selection from a band/orchestra piece if a solo is not available.  * accompaniment not required

*Percussionist should prepare an excerpt on snare and mallets.

2.  Scales:

String Orchestra- Students are required to play 2 one or two octave scales in C, G, D, or A Major.

Chamber Orchestra- Students are required to play 2 two octave scales (1 of the scales must involve shifting).

Symphony Orchestra- Students are required to play 2 two octave scales (1major, 1 melodic minor) and 1 three octave scale (2 scales for strings must involve shifting).  Winds/Brass may play 2 octave for all 3.

3.  Students will be provided excerpts to demonstrate sight-reading skills during audition.