Brass, Woodwind, Harp & Percussion Audition Requirements

Violin bow

Each audition requires the student to play an orchestral excerpt provided below and a selection of scales, as well as requiring the student to sight-read some music.

The excerpt must be selected from the links for the level of orchestra the student hopes to join. All excerpts should be played at the appropriate tempo, with attention to musicality. Excerpts do not need to be memorized or accompanied.

The student must be prepared to play ALL of the scales listed for the level of orchestra the student hopes to join. The judges will typically only require two or three of these scales to be played. For your convenience, we have included scale sheets that you can use in preparation for the audition. Fingerings have been included as suggestions.

The sight-reading excerpts will be chosen by the judges, who will ensure that it is the appropriate level for the student.

Only our top group, Symphony, accepts wind, brass and percussion students.

Scales: 1 octave (2 when possible) major and minor scales from 2 sharps to 3 flats concert pitch (D- Eb Concert). Arpeggios are encouraged.

Excerpts: Please choose excerpt #1 OR #2 to prepare for your instrument









Percussion (pick 1, 2, or 3)

If your instrument is not on the list, or if you have any questions about audition materials, please email